Andrew M. Boylan


Andrew M. Boylan lives and works in Blackpool, sharing his life with a loving wife, a mischievous son and two rather large pooches. When time allows he indulges his tastes for all things vampiric. This has led to him creating the regularly updated review blog “Taliesin Meets the Vampires.”

As well as the blog he provides a column for the podcast the Frequency of Fear, on the subject of vampires, and has produced several scripts for the podcast’s audio drama spin-off Flights of Fright.

He has written a vampire genre novella entitled “Behind the Masque”, which he has made freely available in electronic format. However his primary project is the Books of the Velvet, volume 1 of which is Concilium Sanguinarius (isbn 978-0-9556909-0-7), available from lulu. com and all good online booksellers, including amazon. co. uk.


His Book

Book Description
The Concilium Sanguinarius, the Council of Blood who rule the vampires with an iron fist and manipulate the mortal world from the shadows, with a deftness born of the countless centuries. In New York, as the millennium moves and the twenty first Century dawns, a female vampire, Danaan, feels pangs of loneliness and begins to search the night for a companion. Also in the city is Ymochel, outcast and distrusted, and eager for revenge on the Concilium and, more specifically, Danaan. Theirs is a history that crosses boundless centuries and a myriad taboos, but now their histories converge in the most violent of ways. But do they act alone, or is a more sinister power at work? What occurs between them threatens the entire stability of vampire society.

From the Author
This is my first published full novel. Published by T.ttlg books via it is my view of the vampire genre. These are not angst ridden vampires, but power mongers who manipulate the world from the shadows. In this first novel we meet our main protagonists and a chain of events begins that will rock the vampire world.


His Interest In Ethereal Tales

Andrew found out about the zine initially via the great gothic B&B in Whitby called Bats and Broomsticks who kindly agreed to have some fliers to give out to people who might have an interest in the project. He was indeed interested and spookily enough I also contacted him via myspace, unaware that he had already been made aware of the zines existance, fate had spoken and Andrew agreed to collaborate with Ethereal Tales. He has generously made Chapter 20 of his book, under the title “In the presence of Saint Modwenna”, exclusively available to Ethereal Tales and it will be appearing in the first issue of the zine.

Hopefully this is just the start and he will give us more of his work to grace our pages and capture our imaginations in future issues.

If you can't wait until the zine is out you can read another sample chapter here

Contacting Andrew

If you would like to find out more about his book and other projects, or if you wish to contact Andrew he can be reached via his myspace page


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