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New Member Sign Ups

PostPosted: Sat Feb 07, 2009 2:52 pm
by ethereal
Unfortunately due to the activities of spammers it has been necessary to require new accounts to be ativated by the administration before they can post on this forum. I thought we had escaped their attentions, but of course these days it seems no where is safe...

If you wish to sign up as a member of this forum then we welcome you, but please take care when choosing your forum name as those who register with names which seem like a random mix of letters will probably be ignored and not activated. All new accounts should be activated within two days, if you have been waiting longer than this please contact me via e-mail at to let me know that you are a genuine person and not a spam merchant, and I will activate your account.

Hopefully no genuine members will be affected by this, but if you are I will strive to sort out problems as soon as possible...unfortunately if we want a forum free from viagra, cheap software and porn adverts (and I know that is what I want!) then this is something I need to do.