Andrew Hawnt

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Andrew Hawnt

Postby andrewhawnt on Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:16 pm

Hi... I'm Andrew Hawnt, writer of 'The Last Mage' from issue one of Ethereal Tales. You can also find my writing on sale every month in Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine, daily on the STARSTORE blogs (and many others), or find more fiction in my book, Across the Seas of Mind. Some of you may know me from my day job at comic store The Last Picture Show.

Upcoming stuff? Lots more fiction as well as my ongoing work as a music journalist and pop culture blogger. My dark urban fantasy/horror/paranormal novel STOLEN FATE will be out soon, and my new collection, TO BANISH THE DARK, will be close behind it.

If you liked 'The Last Mage', I am in the midst of extending it with a sequel story. Once added to the original, it will form a short novella. This will be available in print and as an audio Cd and download. What else? Former goth/industrial/metal DJ, musician and professional dreamer. Pleased to meet you.

You can find me all over the net, but here are some of the most common places you'll run into me:

Looking forward to working with Teresa and Ethereal Tales again in the future :)

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Re: Andrew Hawnt

Postby Raven on Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:33 pm

Thanks Andrew...great to have you onboard as always... :)
'May night hold you safe in her velvet embrace'
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