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Andrew M Boylan

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:28 pm
by T_ttlg
Hi, I'm Andrew M Boylan - but answer to Andy, Andrew is Sunday best - and also ghost around the net under the pseudonym Taliesin_ttlg. (Incidentally ttlg stands for through the looking glass and refers to the ttlg forum where I used to post as Taliesin, but I like the Carroll aspect also.)

I contributed a chapter of my novel Concilium Sanguinarius for issue one, under the title In the Presence of Saint Modwenna, and the novel is available through lulu: as well as Amazon (US and UK) and other online book retailers. Hint Hint. I have also got a story - Setting the Record Straight - in Issue 3.

My novella Behind the Masque is available for free electronic download from lulu:

I should write a lot more than I do but I find myself constantly working on my blog (which involves mucho writing itself). Primarily movie and TV reviews, with books as well, all concentrated on the vampire genre, feel free to visit Taliesin Meets the Vampires and say hello. You can find it here:

To describe myself... well I like the description I came up with for Twitter "Less mad, bad and dangerous to know and more slightly cuckoo and mildly naughty." In the land of naughtiness I have a loving wife, a miserable son (he is approaching his teens and the world is so unfair) who I still love very much, despite the air of misery he is currently generating, and two (rather large) pooches.

I contribute regularly to Zombie Astronaut's Frequency of Fear: and have had one story dramatised as an original Flight of Fright, plus three scripts (one original and two reworkings of classic stories) awaiting dramatisation.

I can be contacted via MySpace, or email taliesinloki at yahoo dot co dot uk . I'm also on facebook and can be searched with the email address listed.

Re: Andrew M Boylan

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:38 pm
by Raven
Hey Andy! You know I always wondered what ttlg standed for, but was too embarrassed to ask...but now I know, and they say the internet isn't educational... ;)