Kevin Joseph

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Kevin Joseph

Postby K.J. on Thu May 07, 2009 4:06 pm

Hello all,

I'm Kevin Joseph, writer of "The Rules" Issue 3 of Ethereal Tales.

I came to the mag through a circuitous route. My fiancee being a huge fan of The Clash and the British Punk scene, and me being a huge fan of Douglas Adams and Neil Gaiman, and both of us being huge fans of Monty Python - we knew there was no other place for us to honeymoon than London.

Fortuitously (for many reasons), Neil Gaiman happened to have a book signing at Forbidden Planet the week we were there. In line we met some great people. One of them was Ana Heau, who had a poem and artwork (Crestfallen) published in issue 2. Being a huge fan of just about anything in the realm of the fantastic, I ordered both issues. I'd probably read only half of issue 1 when I started on a werewolf story. But it needs more time to percolate in my head, so I started in on a vampire story.

I was very pleased with the first draft and sat in to do a second. And something strange happened. The second draft barely shared a word with the first. Different story. Different viewpoint of the narrator. Different everything. But I liked it a lot. So I worked on that second (but pretty much completely new draft) and finally came out with "The Rules." I hope you like it.

I'm currently working on a two part story for the next two magazines (if it is accepted) that is a prequel to an epic poem I hope one day to publish as an Illustrated fairy tale for adults. I may one day go back to the first draft of the vampire story. And I hope to have a werewolf story for you someday in the distant future (It needs lots and lots of percolating : )

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Re: Kevin Joseph

Postby Raven on Thu May 07, 2009 6:02 pm

Hey K.J good to have you on the forum with us... :)
I must say that I think fate was definately playing a hand in helping you to find us, and if you read T_ttlg's introduction in the getting to know you section you will find he was also brought to us in a round about way.
Funny how things turn out isn't it.

I look forward to reading all the stories you are planning to send in, and I am sure if the werewolf tale makes it into the zine that our resident werewolf artist Shelley/Luner will enjoy illustrating it for you... :)
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