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Luner (Curse of the moon artist)

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2009 11:12 pm
by Luner
Hi this is Luner AKA Shelley,

I have been passionate about comics for about seven years now, since college. I probably came to appreciate comics a quite a late age but now the flame is lit I wont ever stop admiring comic book writers and artists everywhere.

In my humble opinion comics are one of (if not the very) highest art forms. Although I do also love realism it is often is quite an un-thoughtful process of merely look and copy, clearly some artistic choice is made and it does still require great skill. Comics take a lot more effort!

For me the movie 'Unbreakable' explains best how I view comics, they are a form of story telling that appeals deeply to the human psyche. Comics deal with all aspects of the human existence and society. (Whether are not the hero wears his pants on the outside!)

I have also been corrupted from a young age, by cartoons like Brave Star, Thunder Cats and X-men to like anthro and also watching Odo from Star Trek, Woof and many other television programmes with under tones of therianthrope or metamorphosis have made me love weres. Once you've been biten (so to speak) you cant go back!
That and my absolute bull-headed, single minded determination never to stop loving what I choose as right and damn right groovy, cool beans, kick arse!

Just like comics, for me, weres are a metaphore for life. On the surface a bit cheesy and old hat but delve deeper and there is a whole microcosm of meaning. I often feel (and sure others do to) that I have to portray certain aspects of myself to different people whilst hiding a lot of my inner personality (shape shifting to fit.) The freedom I feel when around my few close friends (likeable to a pack, I suppose) is such an unsurpassed relief it can not be put into words. Words often fail me but me friends always know how I am thinking or feeling, without my inarticulate, stuttering ramblings. I think for people everywhere there is something deeply appealing about not just changing into something powerful and unrestrained but also the anonymity that comes with being a werewolf! Of course there would be downsides to it as well, waking up on roof tops half dressed might take some explaining!

It can be said that Curse of the Moon like any other comic, with all it's lighter moments is also a portal for own views and feelings about society and I am sure this will become ever more apparent as time goes on! Until the next exciting episode, ty for reading, you keep the spirit of weres alive and remember "Protect your pack no matter what the cost," "Defend your territory from intruders" a werewolf would expect nothing less of him or herself.

Many thanks for reading


Re: Luner (Curse of the moon artist)

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2009 11:30 pm
by Raven
Hey Luner...good to have you with us, and a nice intro there mate... :)

Re: Luner (Curse of the moon artist)

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2009 11:41 am
by Luner
Many thanks, it may have turned into a bit of rant. Nvr mind the passion is there!