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Postby sallystartup on Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:10 am

I thought it would be nice to share my experiences of running a bookstall selling self-published work at local events.
I live in Hampshire and spent last weekend at the Michaelmas Fair in Weyhill. This is an annual event, held at the fairground (not a funfair, but a collection of permanent booths now used as craft workshops) that is said to have inspired Thomas Hardy to write The Mayor of Casterbridge. It is very well attended, but people come for a fun day out, not specifically to buy things. They wander past the stall eating popcorn and candyfloss, so if they browse the books as I would like them to, I have to clean the stock at the end of the weekend!
Having tried several such events and deciding that they are worth the publicity, but cost me money as I have not yet managed to break even, this time I decided to give away free poems and herbal 'favours' (small bunches of dried herbs). It worked well, in that I measured the success of the stall in terms of the quantities given away, rather than the amount sold - making me feel good, and causing me to smile, thus contributing to the celebratory atmosphere of the event.
I would love to hear from other publishers and self-publishers about their own marketing strategies.
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