Second Issue Review from Morpheus Tales

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Second Issue Review from Morpheus Tales

Postby Raven on Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:36 pm

The review of Issue Two which appeared in Morpheus Tales. Not all his comments are comlimentary, but a review is by its very nature a person thing. Just remember that even if he didn't like your tale, I did and enough to put it in the zine.


Expectations are a terrible thing. Too low and you have a tendency to get over-excited when things are good. Too high and things tend to disappoint.
The first issue of Ethereal Tales was good. It was really good. The magazine and the stories contained therein remain with me, which is a sure sign of goodness. I read all the time and I read a lot. Anything I can remember, even vaguely, deserves praise. Ethereal Tales #1 gives me a warm feeling inside when I think about it and a smile just touches my lips.
And so I come to Ethereal Tales #2 with certain expectations.
It’s not bad, that would be far too harsh a judgement. It does start off with a couple of less than great stories, “Monster” by Glynn Barass is a silly twist-in-the-tale story. “Tradition” by Suzanne Jackson is another weak tale. Ok so up to page seven and nothing really of any value, but then we come to “The Hex Factor” by Jason V. Brock which is a really clever tale of witchcraft and theft, which really could have been great, but is let down by a poxy ending. “Myths” is another story that ultimately fails to deliver. It isn’t until Skadi meic Beorh’s “Slim Hemlock and the Giants of Knoll” that things start picking up, a nice fairy-tale. A very short vampire romance which is actually quite good, despite my misgiving about the entire genre, is provided by Teresa Ford. The rest of the magazine’s forty-four pages are filled with the good stuff I’d come to expect from ET#1.
So a few bad stories, but the majority are good. Ethereal Tales manages to provide an eclectic mix. The magazine still sets off my O.C.D. as there seems no defined formatting, just a mix and match patch-work of varying styles; spaces between paragraphs, no spaces between paragraphs, indented first lines, no indentation! Grrr!
Not quite as good as the first issue, which I heartily recommend, but still sterling good stuff. I look forward to the third issue, and wish ET continued success.
By Stanley Riiks
'May night hold you safe in her velvet embrace'
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