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Our sister site where you can buy many unique creations made by my own fair hand, as well as being able to request custom made items. This is also the online selling venue for the zine, so if you do not live near a shop which stocks Ethereal Tales you can buy it here and get it sent to your doorstep.

Bats and Broomsticks is a B&B that is second to none. It has beautiful gothic themed decor and huge breakfasts served to you in a candlelit dining room. A must do experience for anyone visiting Whitby!


The home of Alan Lawson,

author of Emilie Undead and Emilie Avatar

Stolen Waters is a great vampire story by Wednesday.
There are two parts so far which can be found here

Stolen Waters - Part One
Stolen Waters - Part Two

Well worth a read!

Vampire Fiction Addicts
A place for those who love fiction with a bite! 

Recommended Books
The Concilium Sanguinarius, the Council of Blood who rule the vampires with an iron fist and manipulate the mortal world from the shadows, with a deftness born of the countless centuries. In New York, as the millennium moves and the twenty first Century dawns, a female vampire, Danaan, feels pangs of loneliness and begins to search the night for a companion. Also in the city is Ymochel, outcast and distrusted, and eager for revenge on the Concilium and, more specifically, Danaan. Theirs is a history that crosses boundless centuries and a myriad taboos, but now their histories converge in the most violent of ways. But do they act alone, or is a more sinister power at work? What occurs between them threatens the entire stability of vampire society.

The Substance of Things Hoped For and Other Tales is an anthology of the best writing from Alan Loewen.

From the storm-wracked atmosphere of Jupiter to a medieval England that has never existed, these stories cover multiple times and places from Loewen's fertile imagination.

Seven of the twelve stories are seeing publication for the first time.

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Emilie Undead

Scratch the surface of the night… and sometimes, you will find us there, just beside the heartbeat of the city, and where else would we be?

We draw close to that heartbeat like moths drawn to a flame. We look in at your lives a lot, you know… sometimes with hunger, sometimes with envy, sometimes with regret for the things you take so much for granted. You have no idea at all what it means to see the world, the human world I should say, and to know that you can never truly be a part of it again.

Also now available the brilliant sequel...

Emilie: Avatar

In the second novel featuring the vampire Emilie Hailsham, her covert war against the technocratic Inner Circle enters an entirely new dimension. Time is her enemy, and only enlightenment might save her from extinction.


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Cats and Other Myths, a poetry collection by J.S.Watts, is published by Lapwing Publications. This is poetry that finds contemporary relevance in the echoes of myth and legend and the mythic in the day to day world around us. There are poems of history and humanity, love and relationships, life and death and the things that lurk in between. Oh, and yes, there are also cats.

Available from

selected bookshops,

Lapwing Publications and

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