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Ethereal Tales Submission Guidelines

Here are some guidelines regarding your submissions to the zine. Please ensure you read through them before submitting your works to avoid unnecessary disappointment.


This is a must! All submissions must be the original work of the person submitting it. People whose work is accepted for inclusion in the zine will be required to fill out an online form stating that it is all their own work, that they hold all the rights to it and give permission for Ethereal Tales to publish it in one issue of the zine. This is done to help protect the zine from copyright issues. Copying the work of others is not big, and not clever...don't do it!


These are many and varied, we certainly don't want to stifle anyone’s creativity...if you think it is suitable then submit it, however the editor reserves the right to turn down any submission deemed unsuitable. Basically anything with a fantasy/fiction theme should be fine, think vampires, werewolves, fairies, elves, orcs, trolls, and unicorns. Also welcomed are fantasy stories involving characters from the gothic/alternative community. You think it and hopefully we will be able to print it.

What We Don't Want

Please don't submit any written matter or artwork which may cause offence, this includes but is not limited to...

Material of a pornographic nature. (That is not to say that sex may not feature, but lets not get too graphic. Keep it subtle, there are ways of depicting the sexual act without plummeting into the realms of porn)

Homophobic or racist content. (This is not acceptable under any circumstances)

Sexualising of children in anyway. (This is not acceptable under any circumstances)

Excessive use of swearing or offensive words (a character using an expletive in a moment of extreme stress may be acceptable in the interest of realism, but one who uses a constant stream of swear words is not)

Fan art, written or artwork, is not really what we are looking for. If the characters you write or draw have already been created by another author or filmmaker then they are not truly original, even if you have put them in a new scenario. Lets try to keep things really new!

What We Do Want

If you have decided that your masterpiece is suitable to send to us please ensure that it follows the rules below.

Written Work

Stories must be preferably up to 2000 words in most cases. Longer stories may be accepted at the editor’s discretion, but may need to be serialised over several issues .

Please ensure you check your work for spelling mistakes and grammar before submitting as I am not here to proof read your submissions. But nobody's perfect (especially not me) and if I only spot one or two mistakes I will contact you to allow you to consent to any alterations, however if the work is riddled with errors it will be rejected outright or you will be asked to re-check and re-submit it. I realise that there are many creative folk out there who may be dyslexic and if this is the case please get a friend to check your item before you submit it.


Poems can be any length, but shorter poems of around 50 lines or less are most likely to fit into the style and layout of the magazine; epic poetry of many pages almost certainly won’t. If your poem is between 50 lines and the length of The Iliad, feel free to submit, but the longer the poem the more outstanding it will need to be.

Poems can be in any style, but if you write verse that rhymes and has a strong rhythm, do make sure that the rhymes aren’t strained and the metre holds steady where it needs to. Arresting, well written poetry that avoids the obvious in terms of image and subject matter is particularly welcome.


Both colour and black & white artwork is welcomed.

Please be aware that the zine is in A5 format, so any work larger than one side of A5 will need to be re-sized by us to fit the page.

Please send in the highest quality of your work that you can to ensure it looks its best when printed.

Something Important To Remember

We of course want your submissions, but please remember that if you submit your story to us, and it is accepted and published, then this is a first publication; your work is then a reprint, which drastically reduces its future marketability and pay rate. So if you are really wanting to sell your work to a paying market then you may want to reconsider sending it to us.


Here is a link to some of my writing, the odd bit might make its way into the zine at some time...just thought it might of interest and give an idea of the type of stuff that would be acceptable. But if this isn't your style don't worry, send your stuff in anyway...after all variety is the spice of life eh!

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