I was born in Camden, London but presently residing in East Anglia (on the Norfolk/Suffolk border). I am currently juggling work at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary with trying to establish a full-time literary career. In 2005 I managed to secure a three-book deal with Pegasus Publishers, who are based in Cambridge. All novels thus far are dark psychological thrillers (think Val McDermid/Bret Easton Ellis with Gothic sensibilities!) My debut novel 'Redemption' was released 23/01/06 (thankfully to positive reviews) with the sequel 'Dominion' following 08/10/07. The third (but hopefully not final) contracted novel is currently a work in progress...

His first two books...



Indelibly scarred by childhood trauma, abuse and distrust, the main character (Jamie Allen) seeking refuge and solace, loses himself in the capital city. Forced by circumstances to grow up fast, he begins to build a new life for himself, gaining confidence, although still battling his inner demons. He lives a solitary life until fate intervenes and a chance meeting in a local bar suddenly turns his life upside down. He is charmed by her beauty and enthralled by her mystique. She becomes an all consuming obsession. After their brief but intimate liaison, the woman in question (Nikki Chandler) is followed home and strangled on her doorstep. When her body is discovered it echoes the unsolved murders of three other local women. Is he innocent or does his mind hold a dark and terrible secret ? Will he discover the truth before his tormented mind snaps completely ?




Indelibly scarred by childhood trauma and neglect, Karl Connor attempted to flee the dark shadows of his young life, the horrors that he had experienced, and the inner demons that continued to haunt him. As the past and present collide the brutal reality is that the long slide into violence has already begun, but who could have imagined that his desire for perceived vengeance would have such terrifying results. Young women are being murdered in London suburbs and there is seemingly nothing to connect them to one another, let alone the killer whose charming manner hides a warped and sick mind. Detective Inspector Ross is determined to hunt the killer down, jeopardising his career in the process, as he becomes increasingly alienated and obsessed with finding the murderer. It is a difficult time for him and his depleted team as they find themselves caught up in Karl's deadly game of ruthless vendetta and vengeful murders. Soon their lives begin to run on a parallel, which leaves one of his team in mortal danger.


His Interest In Ethereal Tales

When I contacted Wayne regarding Ethereal Tales he was interested in the project, but unfortunately he is unable to contribute to the zine at present due to contractual issues. However, he has said he hopes to submit something for us to enjoy in the future once he is free to do so.
Definately something to look forward to!

Wayne said about Ethereal Tales...
"Good luck with your creative quest - I'm sure that it will prove a huge success."

Contacting Wayne

If you would like to find out more or contact Wayne he can be reached via his myspace page



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